Born or Made Writer: Which One Are You?

                Writers are born, not made.

The world takes as bible truth the connotation that an individual’s aptness in weaving words into literary masterpieces can be traced back from his genetic lineage. It is ironically a very short statement that has stirred many debates.

Well, taking my experience as vantage point, I do not entirely agree with the adage. Whether we are blessed with innate literary skills or we are only refined through years of experience, are questions that directly discard the fact that writers, perhaps, are born and made at the same time.

Some people find it so difficult to convey his ideas in the written form of language. On the other hand, some people find comfort and ease in intertwining words. But that does not automatically entitle anyone to say, Hey, I am a born writer. You are not. I am better than you.

While everyone claims that writing is easy, it is in fact not. Writing is an endeavor imbued with both creative and technical aspects. One cannot write a masterpiece if he does not know the basics of both. In other words, while every person may be able to write, only a few can write really good.

1. CREATIVE ASPECT OF WRITING. Creative in the sense that when one writes, he is tasked not only to merely communicate his ideas through pen and paper, he is also expected to relay it in a catchy, artistic and imaginative manner. For example, a writer cannot plainly say She likes him. That is boring and cliché! Instead, the writer may say, Her heartbeat ebbs and flows whenever he is around.  The lesser the adjectives or adverbs and the more the action words, the better!

  • The advantage of having an inborn talent of mixing words so that they sound interesting is these people already possess the artistic part of writing. Once the talented person sits in front of a computer, words flow freely from his brain to his heart and lastly, to his hand; well, the keyboard is bare witness to how fast and easy he completes the endeavor. He no longer experiences the agony of consuming too much mental fuel just so he can come up with a prolific written composition.
  • People who are not born with innate writing skills may have the disadvantage in this regard, however, passion and practice make the difference. One can always find a specific writing niche through good practice, training and habit.

2. TECHNICAL ASPECT OF WRITING. Technical in the sense that a writer must have good grasp of the language that he intends to employ in his written compositions.

  • Language structure, style and grammar are key in every written or spoken communication. Familiarity with colloquial terms and expressions are also vital in writing. For how can one successfully convey his thoughts if he has flawed control of the medium he is using?
  • Literary pieces have their own forms. Although the organization of ideas is relatively freestyle, each kind of literature follows particular guidelines and formats. For example, when one writes a haiku, he should follow a 5-7-5 framework. Meaning, the first line takes 5 syllables, the second line gets 7 and the last line, 5. A short story, on the other hand, being a short form of narrative prose style, is one-plot, one-setting and one-mood kind of literature.

People are quick to say that writing is easy. They tend to say, Piece of cake!

They do not seem to understand that prolific writers underwent years of training and hard work before they finally claim that they are so. I would like to think that I already belong to the mighty throng of artistic individuals but honestly, I am still light years away from the throne.

Well, writers are of course born and not made. However, no individual is born a complete writer. He is only made to be so.


Photo Credits to Cathy Day 



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