Short-lived Bliss

Shut your eyes, tight, real tight

Let your skin react to the rhythm of my whispers

Let your lips taste the sweetness of my flesh

Like the hushed deep breathing of the wind caressing my nape.




Last night,
I gazed upon her sleeping—
Cuddled by twilight breeze,
Surrounded by fireflies
whose tails flickered around the dark.
With the tip of her twigs bowed,
She can almost kiss the ground
Like a loving mother who,
After giving birth,
Succumbs to the hunger
Of cuddling her child for the first time.

On daybreak,
I rose on my bed;
Bathed in shafts of light
that shifted inside and around
Her branches and leaves.
As she waltzed to the cadence of the wind,
And meekly sang with the voices
Of birds that hid under her shade,
She sheltered the Earth
From the blazing heat that hit the ground.
Her fruits,
Whose bodies are contoured alike to a human heart—
I imagined their golden sweetness
Nurturing my veins.

Her hands veined like mine,
Limbs wrinkled by age,
Roots creeping under the soil—
Rocks Earth with her lullaby,
Sets the world into stillness.
As time turns around like her leaves
Rolling over worn-out roofs on evenings,
I know I will wake up every morning
Sheltered from the sun,
As she,
Untiringly welcomes me
Within her embrace.


Photo credits to this site.

Written on July 25, 2006, UPLB