Rurouni Kenshin Parts 2 and 3 (The Kyoto Arcs)

The long wait is over, Samurai X fans! Movie producer Warner Bros. announced that two more Kenshin Himura manga live action adaptations, following the blockbuster Rurouni Kenshin 1, will be released this year.

I have been a fan of Samurai X (manga and anime) since 1998 so the experience of having Battousai come to life is truly ecstatic for me!

The first installment of the sequels, which is entitled “The Great Kyoto Fire Arc,” will be shown on cinemas this August 1. The last part of the series,  “The Kyoto Inferno- A Legend Ends Arc,” will be released on September 13.

Tatsuya Fujiwara, whose acting prowess was highlighted in the movies “Death Note” as Light Yagami and in “Battle Royale” as Shuya Nanahara, will play the role of Battousai’s ultimate nemesis, Shishio.

The young and fresh Emi Takei takes the character of Battousai’s apple of the eye, Kaoru.

Meanwhile, Japanese superstar Takeru Sato reprised his role as the mighty Kenshin Himura in both sequels. Yours truly is again fan-girling to death! ❤ 😀

Unleash that Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu, Kenshin!




The contents of this speech emanate from actual events in Philippine history. The author/blogger does not have any grudge or hatred against any mentioned nation, race or cultural community. The author/blogger composed this piece for a friend’s high school son, who will be competing in a national oratory contest.



In his daring speech, former President Carlos Romulo once proclaimed, “I am a Filipino.”

A four-word statement that embodies our past, personifies our present and epitomizes the future.

A declaration of hope. An avowal of faith. An affirmation of a celebrated tomorrow.

Today, in behalf of my fellow youth, I stand before you to repeat the words that stirred our nationalism—To enflame once again that dying candlewick of loyalty to our nation.

To fuel again the fading faith that within years not too remote from this day, a new generation of patriots will emerge from the pearl of the Orient to carve our lineage in the archives of mankind.

I am a Filipino.

These words should have new meaning for all of us today.

Tracing the richness of our history through the manifolds of foreign conquerors who tilled, cultivated and exploited our land against our approval, to the blinding promises of globalization, the claws of modern technology, the mayhem of Martial Law, the historic era of Edsa Revolt and presently, the threats of government turmoil brought about by self-greed and corruption, I beg my fellow youth to lend me their ears.

I may be a child but from my own fair share of library visits, I dug the elaborated records of our humble beginnings. We fought our way from oppression to liberty. We perspired blood to regain our freedom. We upheld our right to love and live.

Shortly after Spanish regime and Japanese occupation, we sought to establish a culture that we can claim as fully ours. However, the Americans came to our rescue in the guise of education and Commonwealth to employ true colors of colonialism. Until now, we savor hamburgers better than our very own adobo.

In the light of globalized and modernized world, where United Nations agrees that they will stand next to another, cultural boundaries can no longer be defined. We lost grip of our traditions, imitating customs of foreign start.

We now iPad and Google our way to learning— forgetting completely that not too long ago, our fountain of knowledge largely stemmed from conventional books and hardbound manuscripts.

In these present times, we kill to survive—butchering animals and consuming thousands of trees to accommodate our needs. We forget that the more we neglect our Mother Earth just so we can give in to our desires, we rob future generations of their right to see the luxury that we now get to exploit from our dear nature.

While we earn education on our sleeves, we grow indifferently towards our brethren.

We no longer care. We only think of ourselves.

For us, to succeed means to go on our own. We do not remember that from a not so distant past, “Bayanihan” was a concept that our race was once known for.

While we gain determination to read, we lose appetite to learn. We forget to help our country for own sake. Our working force continues to take flight to greener pastures, leaving a huge dry portion of brain drain on our own soil.

Love of country now lies miles behind love of self.

Gusty typhoons must have blown away in vain the lessons of Martial Law and Edsa Revolution.

The leaders that we select and elect to the government take away money that are supposed to ensure our brightest future. Our leaders choose the dark path of greediness, money and power— stealing our dreams, shattering our hopes and ruining the happy life that we all ought to have.

With all these events simultaneously happening before our very eyes, I already imagine a different picture of our beloved Philippines. That although it is 100-million strong, it is also 1000-million limp.

Orphaned. Astray. No nursing arm to go home to. Literally struggling to keep up with the world’s pace— alone.

This is not the Philippines that the youth of today is supposed to inculcate in their minds!

This is not the tale that we trailed for hundreds of years!

This is not the pursuit that our ancestors, venerated and unsung heroes alike, had headed to for centuries!

In this country, where the environment is blessed with green and abundance, no one deserves to live in poverty. No one deserves to work in another terrain just so his or her family can eat three full meals a day.

In this State, where promises of justice lie in wait, the laws of the land must see its people standing on equal footing and breathing on similar vein. No one should be detained in the comfort of an air-conditioned room with cable TV while others are imprisoned in hog’s cage.

In this nation, where each person is gifted with talent and intelligence, equal education and employment opportunities must be given to all. No discrimination, no selective recognition, no unequal protection.

In this land, where visions of democracy sit on top of all our political affairs, rights and responsibilities must meet on common end so that nobody will ever cross the line in its people’s expense.

I maybe a child but I take this chance to address my very own state of the nation.

The problems that we face today do not the mark the end. Rather, they signify another beginning.

What our nation bears and wrestles in this pressing time is a battle onward a new dawn. A new start that is enough to plead every citizen to help in continuing to fight and emerge triumphant of. A new unfolding of history that is worth of being retold generation through generation.

Let our voices traverse all boundaries of the Earth, proclaiming that this race will not vanish without a fight! Filipinos will live on. Filipinos will survive.

And yes, I am a child.

I am Filipino.

Truly, I am proud I am.




Finding Light In Shadow

It is hard to understand why there has to be goodbyes. Oftentimes, we keep finding ourselves in situations where we have to let people, things, beliefs and relationships go, without exactly knowing why we have to do so. We are trapped in circumstances wondering why it has to be that way. Sometimes what is worse than goodbye is when these people who were once in our lives just drift away without explanation or closure, consideration, or care.

I am actually inspired by how we, as individuals, are able to withstand the painstaking process of bidding and accepting farewells. I want to dig deep within the dimness and at the same time, unravel the light that hides behind every parting and leaving through a collection of my writings.

I also want to make readers realize the underlying issues regarding adieus. Why we are allowed to grow so attached? Why we get used to other people and their smells, the sound of their voice, the color of their sweaters and the texture of their hair? Why we need to acclimate ourselves to places and time only to have them taken away, uprooted, extricated from our lives leaving an empty path of emotional wreckage behind? Why we have to be left in an endless search for new things to fill up time, space, and void until we can no longer recognize the truth from a dream?

The conception of my written output relatively takes the long journey. The travel I usually traverse is dark and gloomy. I am trapped, not knowing where to go. As time passes, of course through the help of key people, I gradually find the light that will guide my way outside the dark and be able to compose a literary piece.

The short stories, poems and narratives that I write are sometimes motivated by the experiences shared by my peers, family and friends. Having been subjected to numerous goodbyes myself, most of which are unexpected and excruciating, I incorporate their experiences to my own understanding of the process of coming and parting, loving and hurting, at the same time.

I take pride of my pieces, which are all fruit of my hard work. I hope that through writing, I can cast away darkness and bring light to my readers’ lives.

 Please watch this video. 😥



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Born or Made Writer: Which One Are You?

                Writers are born, not made.

The world takes as bible truth the connotation that an individual’s aptness in weaving words into literary masterpieces can be traced back from his genetic lineage. It is ironically a very short statement that has stirred many debates.

Well, taking my experience as vantage point, I do not entirely agree with the adage. Whether we are blessed with innate literary skills or we are only refined through years of experience, are questions that directly discard the fact that writers, perhaps, are born and made at the same time.

Some people find it so difficult to convey his ideas in the written form of language. On the other hand, some people find comfort and ease in intertwining words. But that does not automatically entitle anyone to say, Hey, I am a born writer. You are not. I am better than you.

While everyone claims that writing is easy, it is in fact not. Writing is an endeavor imbued with both creative and technical aspects. One cannot write a masterpiece if he does not know the basics of both. In other words, while every person may be able to write, only a few can write really good.

1. CREATIVE ASPECT OF WRITING. Creative in the sense that when one writes, he is tasked not only to merely communicate his ideas through pen and paper, he is also expected to relay it in a catchy, artistic and imaginative manner. For example, a writer cannot plainly say She likes him. That is boring and cliché! Instead, the writer may say, Her heartbeat ebbs and flows whenever he is around.  The lesser the adjectives or adverbs and the more the action words, the better!

  • The advantage of having an inborn talent of mixing words so that they sound interesting is these people already possess the artistic part of writing. Once the talented person sits in front of a computer, words flow freely from his brain to his heart and lastly, to his hand; well, the keyboard is bare witness to how fast and easy he completes the endeavor. He no longer experiences the agony of consuming too much mental fuel just so he can come up with a prolific written composition.
  • People who are not born with innate writing skills may have the disadvantage in this regard, however, passion and practice make the difference. One can always find a specific writing niche through good practice, training and habit.

2. TECHNICAL ASPECT OF WRITING. Technical in the sense that a writer must have good grasp of the language that he intends to employ in his written compositions.

  • Language structure, style and grammar are key in every written or spoken communication. Familiarity with colloquial terms and expressions are also vital in writing. For how can one successfully convey his thoughts if he has flawed control of the medium he is using?
  • Literary pieces have their own forms. Although the organization of ideas is relatively freestyle, each kind of literature follows particular guidelines and formats. For example, when one writes a haiku, he should follow a 5-7-5 framework. Meaning, the first line takes 5 syllables, the second line gets 7 and the last line, 5. A short story, on the other hand, being a short form of narrative prose style, is one-plot, one-setting and one-mood kind of literature.

People are quick to say that writing is easy. They tend to say, Piece of cake!

They do not seem to understand that prolific writers underwent years of training and hard work before they finally claim that they are so. I would like to think that I already belong to the mighty throng of artistic individuals but honestly, I am still light years away from the throne.

Well, writers are of course born and not made. However, no individual is born a complete writer. He is only made to be so.


Photo Credits to Cathy Day 



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